A Beatitude: Mercy and Forgiveness

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ChristA good reminder in today’s world.

“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

Unless we show mercy and forgiveness towards others, Christ teaches in this fundamental statement of karma, we will not receive mercy or forgiveness for ourselves.

The Greek word for mercy, eleemon, means to actually feel and suffer with another person, to be intensely aware of their pain, to see things through their eyes, to feel things as they feel them, and to experience a deep personal yearning for their physical and spiritual well-being since it is also our own.

This requires an extremely high level of consciousness that recognizes and experiences the perfect Oneness of all life. This is beyond us, but we can begin at our level of consciousness with attempts to control our feelings of self-importance, and to put ourselves in others’ ‘shoes’, trying to understand what they think and feel and need. When we do this, our feelings of negativity toward others begin to dissipate so that we are left with only understanding and forgiveness.

In precisely the same measure as we do this, our own ‘sins’ can be forgiven.


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