A Thanksgiving Message

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When Jesus told his disciples to “Love your enemies”, it didn’t mean to do nothing to fight their evil, it didn’t mean to sit there meekly and let them ‘get away’ with any sort of outrage. We have to do what we have to do in a world filled with violence and hatred, we have to fight against these forces. But Jesus (like Krishna before him, and all great spiritual Teachers) understood that if we try to fight against violence and hatred with our hearts filled with violence and hatred, if we attempt to “save the world” by filling the world with our own negative emotions, if we think we are “doing good” but are actually adding vibrations of vengeance, contempt, and illusions of superiority, then we are just spinning our wheels and fooling ourselves: NOTHING will ever change this way, nothing at all. History surely bears this out. We have to act, we have to struggle and stand up for the Light, but the only acts that will EVER be realistically effective are acts that are grounded in love, compassion, and human decency. Seems to me this is what being in a state of “Thanksgiving” should be all about. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!