A Wee Bit About Atheism and Religion

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aurobindoI’ve often said that if atheism’s description of religion was actually all that religion is, I’d be the first atheist in line.

“Atheism is a necessary protest against the wickedness of the Churches and the narrowness of creeds. God uses it as a stone to smash these soiled card-houses.”

“How much hatred and stupidity men succeed in packing up decorously and labeling ‘Religion’!”

from Thoughts and Aphorisms by Sri Aurobindo

We are held in thrall by the things of this world, our attention dispersed into the world around us, and thus we turn religion into the superficial and formalistic worship of external objects and historical events, coupled with contempt for anyone who sees things a little differently. As our focus becomes more and more external, the lower rational mind gains strength and becomes more and more affronted by the irrationality of spiritual and religious claims. This is when the champions of atheism become increasingly vocal and adamant – not without cause!