About Andrew Cort

A native of Boston who came of age in the turbulent 1960’s, Dr. Andrew Cort has followed a uniquely versatile path through life. He received his Bachelor’s Degree (in English) and Master’s in Teaching (Science Education) from Colgate University. He then went on to receive a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College (he practiced in New York City for ten years, focusing on nutrition, exercise, applied kinesiology, and the mind’s impact on physical health), as well as a Law Degree from Boston College Law School (he is a member of the Massachusetts Bar). Dr. Cort has also graduated from All Faiths Seminary, International, where he was ordained as an Interfaith Minister.

During his years in New York, Dr. Cort served on the Executive Board of H.E.A.L., Inc. (“Health Education AIDS Liaison”) and wrote his first book, on issues of health care and the environment, Our Healing Birthright: Taking Responsibility for Ourselves and Our Planet (Inner Traditions, 1990, currently out of print but available on Amazon).

Deeply committed to education, spirituality, and activism, Dr. Cort has taught in a variety of colleges and schools, private and public, including The State University of New York in Morrisville, NY; Bay State College, in Boston, MA; The Desisto School, in Stockbridge, MA (a private school for troubled youth); Berkshire Community College, in Pittsfield, MA; and the Springfield Public School System, in Springfield, MA. Dr. Cort has taught courses in Mathematics, Physics, English, Mythology, Business Law, General Science, and English.

In addition to academic studies in literature, science, law and mathematics, he has studied the work of many spiritual traditions — from the Bible, Plato, the Qur’an, Dante, etc., to contemporary teachers including G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky, Rudolf Steiner, Paul Brunton, Anthony Damiani, Sri Aurobindo, Mme. Blavatsky, Oscar Ichazo, and others.

Dr. Cort is the author of numerous books and articles on religion, spirituality, mythology, politics, history, science, education and healing, and how these all relate to contemporary American culture. Following in the tradition of Socrates, he considers himself a student, and not a teacher, of these extraordinary thinkers, philosophers, mystics, and writers. His work invites readers to join the path along with him.

He was also the Host of Spirit of the Berkshires on CTSB-TV, and available worldwide on Vimeo.com, and by clicking on the ‘TV Show” tab on this site.

Andrew Cort lives in Woodstock, NY, and can be reached at Andrew@AndrewCort.com. He is available for Interfaith Weddings, Funerals, and other ceremonies. An accomplished, energetic, and articulate public speaker, Dr. Cort is available for interviews and speaking engagements. You can also call (413) 212-6880.

A sampling of speaking topics includes:

The Door is Open: The 7 Steps of Spiritual Awakening in Mythology and Scripture

Beyond Religious Tolerance

Homage to Emerson: A Motivational Talk About Real American Wisdom

The Sacred Feminine in the Bible

Restoring a Sense of Meaning

The Reconciliation of Science and Religion