Actually, There IS Only One “Right” Way

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A Facebook friend of mine, who reads the Bible, and practices Yoga, has decided this year to observe and experience Ramadan because she appreciates the principles of the practice. She tells me that most people challenge her and say she should only observe what, in their personal opinion of course, is the “one Right way”.

I told her that I’m all for delving thoroughly into a Tradition (not just picking and choosing parts to play with, in the New Agey way), but when you look beneath the surface into the inner esoteric Meaning of the different Traditions it turns out that they are all just delightfully different ways of teaching the Same path to the Only God. Different times, different cultures, different expressions– but as even Augustine understood, there’s really just One religion, and it was around for thousands of years before him, before Christ, before Buddha, before Moses, before anybody. What a sickening pity that we misunderstand this so much that we spend our time on earth feeling arrogant and superior to others and beating each others’ heads in over the superficial differences.