“As the Human Mind Becomes More Enlightened … “

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{an Excerpt from ‘The Beauty and Nobility of Life’} “It seems to be a matter of principle among some conservatives to look at any forward-looking endeavor (whether a proposed bill in Congress, or simply a suggested action that might improve some problem or other), and to search for possible difficulties or defects that might result in part. This could be a very useful thing to do. But as soon as they find one, rather than suggesting ways to modify or improve the endeavor so as to make it more useful and effective, they choose instead to use what they have found as a justification to condemn the entire enterprise and try to defeat it, insisting that it is always better to do nothing at all and just leave the status quo alone. There is always good reason to carefully consider consequences and to not rush ahead carelessly and brazenly, but I see no evidence that the extremist refrain “do nothing, the market will take care of all our problems as long as we do nothing” has any logical, historical, or moral validity. “The American experiment is just that – an ongoing experiment. This experiment does not need uncritical, unquestioning, mindless ‘loyalty’. Rather, it demands our continuous efforts to advance our fundamental principles and improve the lives of all our citizens.”