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Interfaith Minister, Author, Speaker, Attorney, Teacher, and Doctor of Chiropractic, Andrew Cort's books and seminars encompass Religion, Spirituality, Science, Mythology, Education, Healing, and Tolerance, in contemporary culture. Andrew@AndrewCort.com

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New On-Line Bookstore

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I spent much of the past week adding an On-Line Bookstore to my website, to wit: Berkshire Books: Recommended Books About Religion, Science, Spirituality, and American Life. The Categories (Bookshelves?): American CultureMythologyJudaismChristianityIslamIndigenous ReligionsScientific ThoughtEducationSacred FeminineGreek PhilosophyGurdjieff/OuspenskyRudolf SteinerPaul BruntonFrithjof SchuonEastern PhilosophyHolistic HealingLiteratureNew Age Spirituality It’s part of http://www.andrewcort.com

Islam and the Underlying Unity of Religions

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No religion is more emphatic than Islam in teaching that we are all children of the same God. No religion states more clearly, “There is no God but God!” We’re all human, and one thing that happens to humans is that wisdom and understanding tend to fade over time and our souls need to be…
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End Torture, End Domestic Violence (excerpt)

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by Rhonda Copelon For complete article, see http://www.ontheissuesmagazine.com/2009winter/index.php Torture is not limited to water boarding, as the current U.S. debate makes it seem; nor does it require any special equipment. The most common physical methods of both torture and domestic violence are beating, burning, tying up, choking, threatened asphyxiation (the goal of water-boarding), pulling out…
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Death in a Middle School

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A little boy killed himself last night. A little sixth-grader in the Middle School/High School where I work ended his life. The place is untypically sedate right now. At 11 years old, he was struggling with his sexuality. I’m not sure which is worse; that our children are so inundated with sexual messages and images…
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Prosperity and Ethics

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When massive corporations seek only to maintain their own power by artificially stimulating consumer demand and then stuffing the consumer’s face with everything they now imagine they want, our souls and our civilization continue to devolve and decay. But when entrepreneurs, through shrewdness and innovation, create wealth by benefiting others as well as themselves, this…
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Stem Cell Research

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President Obama recently abolished restraints on stem-cell research, saying there has been “a false choice between sound science and moral values.” Many Americans are hailing this as a victory for fairness and rationality that will bring about cures for horrible illnesses and the reduction of much unnecessary human suffering. Others are calling it a defeat…
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The Times We Live In

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This is my first post in my new blog. I’m hoping to initiate conversations about the state of our world, with an emphasis on how religion, spirituality, science, education, and politics, all impact each other, our individual psyches, and our common civilization.