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TweetShare “Original Sin” is NOT something “a woman did a long time ago”. This is a parable of our own inner life, each one of us, right here, right now. It’s high time we stopped blaming Eve! Today’s video explains. (This one’s a bit over 5 min, a tad long perhaps, but when you’re readjusting…
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TweetShare In this 2nd Episode of “The Sacred Feminine: WOMEN IN THE BIBLE”,  I show how the whole sexist presumption that underlies Western Civilization is based on a mistranslation and misinterpretation. In fact, what the story really is telling us is that “The ‘One’ becomes ‘Two’, and there is nothing in this description to indicate…
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TweetShare I had the pleasure of speaking last night with hosts Paula Hutson and Radiah Nunez on their Radio Program The Door To The Mind, a joint program with KDCL Media and the H20 Network. You can download the show and listen to it instantly by CLICKING HERE. (It begins with a rather-too-long-musical interlude, and the…
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by Andrew Cort Tweet Share Demeter was away, and her daughter Persephone was playing with the other young goddesses in a meadow, filling baskets with beautiful flowers. She had no way of knowing that grim Hades, who had been walking on the surface to inspect the damage from an earthquake, had seen her, had been…
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SYMBOLS, MEANING, AND THE SACRED QUEST: Spiritual Awakening in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Stories

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by Andrew Cort (Today’s PRIZE GIVEAWAY is a signed copy of another of Andrew’s books, LOVE, WISDOM AND GOD: The Longing of the Western Soul, which is about Greek Mythology, Philosophy, and the Mysteries. Simply leave a COMMENT to enter. See details below) Tweet Share Andrew Cort’s Mini-Preview: I can’t very well review my own book…
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The REAL Story of Adam and Eve

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Part 1: The ‘Rib’ The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘Adam’ is actually a gender-neutral word that means ‘a creature of earth’. In other words, Adam was initially created neither Male nor Female. The creature was placed in the Garden and given only one restriction – not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge…
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Of Dads, and Daughters, and What to Make of Eden?

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I’m a Dad. I have a seventeen-year-old daughter and she’s the love of my life. She’s at the age where I know I’ll be sending her off into the world soon, all by herself. I get pretty misty-eyed when I think about that. I wonder if she’ll be happy, if she’ll make a wonderful life,…
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