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TweetShare To help build his Temple, Solomon called upon the services of two special people, both of whom were named Hiram. The story of this triad of Temple Builders would later provide a basis for the Freemason tradition. First, there was King Hiram of Tyre, who “had always been a friend of David.” Solomon knew…
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Sacred Sex

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The Universal Experience of Suffering and its Universal Remedy; The Secret Teachings of Jesus and Moses; The Tree of Life: Kabbalah; The Tree of Knowledge: Alchemy-Daath-Tantra; The Duality of the Serpent: Kundalini and Kundabuffer. Temptation. The serpent. The expulsion from Paradise. Archetypal stories that have moved millions of human beings: but who has understood their…
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What is Alchemy?

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from The Alchemy Conference The Alchemists tried not merely to change base metals into gold, but much more importantly to rejuvenate their bodies, integrate their personalities, and perfect the very essence of our souls. Although they spoke of retorts, furnaces, and chemicals, they were really talking about synchronous transformation taking place in their own bodies, minds,…
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