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MY CORE MESSAGE: Spiritual Growth & Loving-Kindness (FREE ON KINDLE 7/10/12 – 7/11/12)

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Tweet Share  Click for Kindle Religion does not have to divide us. Rather than reading scriptures as literal history or fearful warnings about the dire consequences of moral failure, where each religion sounds contrary to all the others and insists that it, alone, has the only ‘real’ Truth, let me show you how to read…
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Tweet Share David had been out “shepherding of his father’s flocks” (which means symbolically that he was preparing himself for his destiny). When he returned home, the prophet Samuel was there and he anointed him. This did not mean that he immediately became the new king; only that he had been selected by God. And…
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TweetShare When Christ was crucified, the New Testament tells us, the whole earth was covered in darkness from noon until three in the afternoon. If we take the story internally, this is the ‘dark night of the soul’ — the final purification and pardoning of the initiate before merging back with the Absolute. Similarly, as…
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TweetShare  Legends and tales from the Oral Tradition of ancient Israel, which are not found in the written Bible but which tradition says were transmitted to Moses orally by God during his forty days on Mt. Sinai, have been preserved in the Talmud and in various other religious writings — including the Zohar, which is…
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TweetShare  A story today on the blog Why Evolution is True: “Religion reduces science literacy in America” My Response: It is true that scientific inquiry and experimentation can disprove literal claims of fundamentalists about historical events or natural processes. But literal fundamentalism is NOT the be-all and end-all of religion. There is spiritual and psychological MEANING…
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TweetShare In Luke’s gospel a Pharisee invites Jesus to dinner. Luke uses the word “Pharisee” to represent narrow-minded religious bigots who have lost sight of the inner spiritual meaning of religious rules and customs, and perform religious obligations simply as a way to enhance their own ego. The word also applies to that place in…
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Tweet Share Atheists object, with understandable indignation, that religious teachings are filled with justifications (or even ‘divine commands’) for violence and cruelty toward others, and that religious people often turn their backs on the splendid opportunities of life in exchange for the promise of something better after death.  When religious teachings are taken only literally,…
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SYMBOLS, MEANING, AND THE SACRED QUEST: Spiritual Awakening in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Stories

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by Andrew Cort (Today’s PRIZE GIVEAWAY is a signed copy of another of Andrew’s books, LOVE, WISDOM AND GOD: The Longing of the Western Soul, which is about Greek Mythology, Philosophy, and the Mysteries. Simply leave a COMMENT to enter. See details below) Tweet Share Andrew Cort’s Mini-Preview: I can’t very well review my own book…
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The REAL Story of Adam and Eve

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Part 1: The ‘Rib’ The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘Adam’ is actually a gender-neutral word that means ‘a creature of earth’. In other words, Adam was initially created neither Male nor Female. The creature was placed in the Garden and given only one restriction – not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge…
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