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MY CORE MESSAGE: Spiritual Growth & Loving-Kindness (FREE ON KINDLE 7/10/12 – 7/11/12)

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Tweet Share  Click for Kindle Religion does not have to divide us. Rather than reading scriptures as literal history or fearful warnings about the dire consequences of moral failure, where each religion sounds contrary to all the others and insists that it, alone, has the only ‘real’ Truth, let me show you how to read…
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According to the Jewish mystical tradition, the Kabbalah, the Sacred Feminine is the ‘Vessel’ that accepts and protects the ‘Seed’, the ‘Light’, of the Sacred Masculine, like a chalice filled with wine. She then pours forth all of nature, abundance, and life. The Kabbalah adds, however, that as the Vessel continues down the path of…
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TweetShare In his Divine Comedy, the great Dante would weave a tale of waking up to find himself “lost in the woods”. He looks up and sees his home a short distance away on top of a hill, so he sets off to return there by the quickest possible route, i.e., by walking directly up…
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The REAL Story of Adam and Eve

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Part 1: The ‘Rib’ The Hebrew word that is translated as ‘Adam’ is actually a gender-neutral word that means ‘a creature of earth’. In other words, Adam was initially created neither Male nor Female. The creature was placed in the Garden and given only one restriction – not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge…
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