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Tweet Share Today’s “Guest Post” is pretty much by the “Founding Fathers” The English philosopher John Locke proposed two revolutionary ideas about religion: One, that it is a matter of individual choice – not the decision of the state or the community. Two, if you don’t approve of your neighbor’s choices, too bad! Live and…
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TweetShare  I listened with interest to the Republican Debate the other night, and was especially struck by Newt Gingrich’s comments on immigration. Despite being of a very different political persuasion, I often find Gingrich’s comments to be thoughtful and intelligent, and far prefer to listen to him than to the others. When he first began…
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How To Begin

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When Rev. Forrest Church died in 2009, the New York Times wrote: “The Rev. Forrest Church, a longtime pastor at the Unitarian Church of All Souls on the Upper East Side who spent the last three years of his life, after being told he had terminal cancer, articulating a philosophy of death and dying and…
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