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On a cool Autumn evening in Athens, Socrates, Aristophanes, and several other friends got together for a celebration at the house of Agathon, the young playwright who had recently won First Prize for Tragedy at the theater festival. After dinner they agreed that they would not drink very much this night, since, for the most…
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TweetShare Our sexual energy is our spiritual energy. It is part of the soul’s ‘Serpent Power’ that encompasses the totality of Creation, the sacred force that can be used at one level for the creation of a human being, at another level for creativity in the arts and sciences, in business, and in human relations,…
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TweetShare Eros, the Greek god of Love, represents the passionate Desire for all that is good, true, beautiful and meaningful. Eros is the driving force and motivation behind all the great discoveries of science, all great art, all great social endeavors, all the magnificent efforts of the human mind, heart, and spirit. In Plato’s Symposium,…
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