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TweetShare Since Isaac and Ishmael could re-unite as brothers, the story makes clear, there is no reason at all why their children, Jews and Muslims, cannot do the same. Come hear the story of Rebecca, her husband, and her children. Episode 6 of THE SACRED FEMININE: Women in the Bible (Don’t like Videos? To read…
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Islam: A Religion of Peace?

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by Saleem Ahmed People ask, “How can Islam be a religion of peace?”, when the Qur’an requires Muslims to kill “unbelievers” and promises paradise to Muslims who die “killing unbelievers”; when suicide bombers go about killing innocent people indiscriminately; and when it seems we rarely hear moderate Muslim speaking out against their extremist fellow-religionists. But…
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Jews and Muslims, Isaac and Ishmael

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According to an article in today’s Huffington Post (and this has been noted by others before) the biggest terror threat to New York City is the possibility of an attack on the Subway system. It’s happened already in Madrid, London and Minsk, and there have been foiled attempts in New York. So now it’s simply…
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