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TweetShare Mythology and Scripture are not literal history and aren’t meant to be read literally. They’re symbolic/allegorical works, filled with a culture’s version of the Wisdom Teaching about how to raise one’s inner level of Being from the material level to a divine level. God is the highest level of creation, but that doesn’t mean…
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TweetShare Christianity has been hijacked by right-wing zealots who have demeaned the teachings of Jesus. When they quote the bible, they take phrases out of context and interpret them with an extreme brand of literalism that distorts or ignores their vast possibilities of meaning. Even worse, they practice a selective literalism – taking literally those…
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Tweet Share Atheists object, with understandable indignation, that religious teachings are filled with justifications (or even ‘divine commands’) for violence and cruelty toward others, and that religious people often turn their backs on the splendid opportunities of life in exchange for the promise of something better after death.  When religious teachings are taken only literally,…
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