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    (1)  Keeping a Spiritual Journal is a wonderful way to record your ideas, break through mental barriers, clarify your thoughts, refine your goals, express your creativity, and provide an open channel for new feelings and intuitions to flow freely.               You may want to place a Title on the cover and write…
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Tweet Share Native Americans, and most indigenous peoples, have known for thousands of years that drumming is a powerful spiritual tool. Shamans use the repetitive sound of a drum to induce an altered state of consciousness. Focusing on drumbeat of 4-7 cycles per second continued for 15 minutes can shift the brain into the theta…
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TweetShare (Today’s Post is a Guest Post from **** I often share with others the beauty, inner peace and opportunity for growth that daily Meditation has opened up in my life. Both medical and holistic professionals agree that taking on a life of focus, clarity and calm has health benefits and personal introspective opportunities…
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by Kathi Casey (Today’s PRIZE GIVEAWAY is a Copy of Kathi’s Book. Leave a COMMENT to enter. See details below) Tweet Share Andrew Cort’s Mini-Review: In her practice and in her books Kathi Casey has synthesized a variety of health and spiritual strategies, eastern and western, for dealing with stress and pain. In Stop Back Pain she…
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“Effortless Wellbeing”: Meditation as Everyday Life

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by Bob Weisenberg Of all the meditation approaches I’ve experienced and studied, the one I keep coming back to in the end is a little out-of-the-mainstream book called Effortless Wellbeing, by Evan Finer. Evan set out to discover and distill the essential elements of meditation that can affect our everyday sense of wellbeing.  Eventually he…
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Meditation as Prayer

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 by Kathi Casey, ERYT, CPI In today’s fast paced society, many of the people I meet or work with are finding it difficult to bring prayer back into their lives. As children, we went as a family to religious services once a week, perhaps said grace before meals together, or gave a family blessing before…
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Beyond Me, Beyond Reason, Beyond Belief

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Documentaries on Consciousness and Meditation by Frank Huguenard Beyond Me is the first in a trilogy of three documentaries on Consciousness and the Human Condition. In fifty-three minutes, it spans the Cosmos, Cellular Biology, Personality Disorders, Computer Science, Quantum Physics, Reincarnation, Evolution and Meditation in a way that ties them all together. Beyond Belief is…
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