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TweetShare According to Jewish folklore, when Moses first stepped into the cloud at the top of Mount Sinai, he was confronted by the angel Kemuel, known as the ‘gatekeeper’. Kemuel, the Guardian of the Threshold between Heaven and Earth, tried to prevent Moses from passing, claiming he did not belong there. Moses explained that he…
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TweetShare In his Divine Comedy, the great Dante would weave a tale of waking up to find himself “lost in the woods”. He looks up and sees his home a short distance away on top of a hill, so he sets off to return there by the quickest possible route, i.e., by walking directly up…
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TweetShare When God finished speaking with Moses on Mt. Sinai, He gave him the two tablets that had been inscribed with His finger. According to folklore, these tablets of stone were made by God’s hand in the dusk before the first Sabbath, as Creation came to an end. The stone was like opaque sapphire, and…
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TweetShare  Here’s a tale of the Prophet Muhammad many non-Muslims have never heard: One evening, as the Prophet lay in bed, in that intuitive state midway between wakefulness and sleep, the angel Gabriel came to him. Gabriel opened Muhammad’s chest, cleansed his heart with sacred water, and filled it with Wisdom and Faith that he…
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Tweet Share The three western monotheistic religions can be seen as three different versions of the same religion. All three worship the same God. All three teach their followers the importance of faith, love, and moral rules of living.  The major difference is that each one emphasizes a different aspect.  Judaism, the first proponent of…
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SYMBOLS, MEANING, AND THE SACRED QUEST: Spiritual Awakening in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Stories

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by Andrew Cort (Today’s PRIZE GIVEAWAY is a signed copy of another of Andrew’s books, LOVE, WISDOM AND GOD: The Longing of the Western Soul, which is about Greek Mythology, Philosophy, and the Mysteries. Simply leave a COMMENT to enter. See details below) Tweet Share Andrew Cort’s Mini-Preview: I can’t very well review my own book…
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Offerings to God: The Ancient Hebrew Cult of Sacrifice

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The Hebrew word for sacrifice, korban, means ‘to come near’. The inner meaning of ‘offering a sacrifice’ is to elevate oneself spiritually and to draw near to God – not unlike the Latin root of our English word sacrifice, which means ‘to make holy’. In the Tabernacle, the Israelite would ‘come near’ with an offering….
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