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TweetShare  After forty years, the Pharaoh who wanted Moses killed (because of what he did to the Egyptian taskmaster) had died. “The Israelites were groaning under the bondage and cried out,” the story tells us, “and their cry for help from the bondage rose up to God.” God had been silent for all these years…
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Meditation as Prayer

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 by Kathi Casey, ERYT, CPI In today’s fast paced society, many of the people I meet or work with are finding it difficult to bring prayer back into their lives. As children, we went as a family to religious services once a week, perhaps said grace before meals together, or gave a family blessing before…
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Offerings to God: The Ancient Hebrew Cult of Sacrifice

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The Hebrew word for sacrifice, korban, means ‘to come near’. The inner meaning of ‘offering a sacrifice’ is to elevate oneself spiritually and to draw near to God – not unlike the Latin root of our English word sacrifice, which means ‘to make holy’. In the Tabernacle, the Israelite would ‘come near’ with an offering….
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