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One of the most famous of all of Christ’s quotations, as well as one of the most disregarded, is found in Luke:

“Once Jesus was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, and he answered, “The kingdom of God is not coming with things that can be observed; nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ For, in fact, the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke.17.20-21)”

We, however, are held in thrall by the things of this world, our attention dispersed into the world around us, and we look for heaven and God precisely where Christ tells us not to look, turning spirituality into the superficial and formalistic worship of external objects and historical events. 

As our focus becomes more and more external, the lower rational mind gains strength and becomes more and more affronted by the irrationality of spiritual and religious claims. This is when the champions of atheism become increasingly vocal and adamant – not without cause!

Charles Fillmore, the founder in the 1880’s (with his wife Myrtle Fillmore) of the Unity Church, was an American mystic in the New Thought lineage who is known for his metaphysical interpretations of the Bible. Here is an Excerpt from one of his commentaries on Christ’s statement in Luke.


Never Let That “I Can’t” Enter Your Mind

From THE FOURTH DIMENSION, by Charles Fillmore (1932)

The main theme of Jesus’ teachings was the advent of the “kingdom.” He compared it to many physical things. He showed that the kingdom was likened unto this and likened unto that, to get the attention of the people of his day. They knew nothing about our modern science; they did not understand the tremendous import of the discovery of great physical research, and so he appealed to their understanding. They lived, as we live, in the Third Dimensional World and functioned in that realm, and it was necessary to give them something that would illustrate to their Third Dimensional minds what this Superior or this Omnipresent Kingdom is like.

We have approached the time when that same kind of appeal is necessary. The fact is that this Kingdom that Jesus talked so much about was never understood, never has been understood in its true character. We have understood in a way, and we have made it a physical kingdom, and our theologians have told us that after we are dead and go to Heaven we will find out about the Kingdom. Jesus did not tell us this at all; He said, “The Kingdom of God is nigh unto you.” How near? He finally said, “They shall say, Lo, here; or Lo, there; but go not forth. The kingdom of God cometh not with observation. (Luke 17: 20)

It does not come through the research work or the work of the outer senses. How does it come? Why, the Kingdom of God is within you. There is the key to the situation—The Kingdom of God is within every one of us; it is very near to us; you could not get anything nearer to you than your heart, and your heart is the very center of this Kingdom of God….
Jesus said very plainly that we must seek to enter into this kingdom. He did not tell the rich young ruler who was very wealthy and who kept all the commandments, and yet was not in the kingdom, that he could find this kingdom by some further outer research; nor did he tell him that he would find it after he left this earth. What did he tell him? He said, “You are very near to the kingdom; but in order to get into it (this does not mean that you have to go somewhere to get into it) you must sell want you have and give to the poor [Andrew Cort’s note: Symbolically, this would mean getting rid of your attachments to the material world, and giving them over to the ‘poor in spirit’: i.e., to those who prefer to remain attached to the material side of life and are not interested in the spiritual quest], and then follow me.”

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John and Barbara Waterhouse offer a series of lectures on the classic text, Prosperity, by Unity Church of Christianity founder, Charles Fillmore. In Chapter 1 Fillmore wrote, “”This inexhaustible mine substance is available at all times and all places to those who learn to lay hold of it in consciousness.”
This is Part 1 of their series.

What is this “me” that Jesus emphasized equally with the kingdom? It is that Christ Mind; and in order to make practical (and that is what these lessons are for) that intangible and apparently unreal “something” called the Kingdom of God, we must develop in ourselves the capacity; and with the unfoldment of the Kingdom we must unfold the ability to appreciate the Kingdom. Out-of-doors we find a thousand flowers, but we have not witnessed that anyone loves flowers particularly unless he has had some education in flower culture, knows something about flowers. So we find in every field of life, study, research develops capacity and ability for greater appreciation of the merit. Would not that same rule hold good in the development and use of the Kingdom of the Heavens? We think it will. The Scriptures plainly teach that there must be an unfoldment of the mind of Christ in me and around me, before me. In our lesson we must begin at the very foundation, which is to prove to the reasoning man (that is the Thomas state of consciousness) that if he will not awaken the intuitional or spiritual part, we must prove to him through citations, as a lawyer would prove to a jury and a judge that there are many cases illustrating this case to be found in the law books. So we turn to the Scriptures, and we show you that all through these Scriptures these illustrations are to be found and demonstrated; but these have been used to carry the kingdom of heaven away off somewhere away from the immediate grasp of the mind. What we need is to grasp these truths for ourselves in order to use them.

This lesson is for the purpose of learning how to apply and demonstrate the powers of this Kingdom right out in our immediate, active everyday life. You say that that is a pretty large proposition. Yes, but it is possible. You may not get all of the fruits of the kingdom. When the children of Israel were sent over into the Promised Land to spy it out, they brought back only a small portion of the fruits of the land; they brought back grapes, pomegranates, and figs. Now, that is what we shall do; we shall get immediately some of the fruits of the Land. 

But the most of us would be like those spies and say, “That land is well fortified with inhabitants, and they do not receive you very kindly; there are giants in that Land and we are as grasshoppers in their sight; and in our own sight we are as grasshoppers.” This means that we do not appreciate our own spiritual ability; we don’t appreciate our power; we don’t look on this Kingdom of Heaven except as something that is beyond our reach. Many settle back and call it too large a proposition. Never let that “I can’t” into your mind; never think for a moment that God has counted you a non-entity, for if you do, it may be only a short time before it will put a damper over or on everything you try to do. More Spirit is what we need; it is what we term “Substance”, I call it “faith”, quickened in us—that we have “faith” until we get hold of the Kingdom of Heaven.


On October 13th, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Thomas Shepherd on his Unity.FM radio program, “Let’s Talk About It”. We were joined by Rev. Manzel Berlin. You can listen to the program here.

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