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by Zayra Yves (Today’s PRIZE GIVEAWAY is a PDF of Zayra’s Book. Leave a COMMENT to enter. See details below)

Andrew Cort’s Mini-Review:


Pomegranate SeedsIn Color Me Pomegranate, poetess Zayra Yves takes us on a journey through the many levels of Woman: Eve, Aphrodite, Medusa, Persephone, Athena, Gaia, Sophia, Kali, Mary, even Anne Sexton, Marilyn Monroe and Sylvia Plath — and so many more. Beginning with the ‘Fall’, enduring all the experiences, joys, and sufferings on the path to self-discovery and spiritual evolution, the collection ends with a poem of transfiguration:  today’s Excerpt, “I am SHE”.

Zayra’s poetry is filled with passion, raw sensuality, darkness and light, love and death, psychological depth and mystical wisdom. And it is all taking place within you.


I am SHE

I am the red throne of Kali, the orange flames of Sekhmet.
The dancing diva of Durga come to call your spirit
back into your body.

Rise up your tired bones to move,
                                 sway, rock in the halls of perception.

                                   I am here in the ceremony of removing obstacles
                                   from the caves of memory.

I am Vulture Crone. I am Maat.
I am the midwife birthing you into ferocious truth,
progressive intuition and powerful right action.

I am the lioness licking salt from the salted state of your flesh;
of the wounds that you need to heal.
I am here as your sixth sense. As the doorway of discovery
to awaken you to the journey you came here for;
to awaken you to universal balance.

I am the High Priestess, Luna of the moon. I am Nephthys.

I open the gateway to submarine gardens.
Listen to the secrets of the butterfly starfish and embrace all people.
Embrace your sister, your children, your ex’s and step families too.
I am here to encourage you to make amends and let go permanently
the grievances you hold.

I am the wisdom of Sophia, the strength of Athena, the gates of hell.

You are the shape shifting vertigo of bodies, of many life times.
You are the migration of millions.
You are the sorrow of the seas,
the sands of change, the receptacle of all life
and the willingness to do it again.
I am here inside of the image you have of yourself.

Look closely:
I am Radha, Laksmi, Hathor, Isis, Venus and Mary Magdelaine.

I am the elements of absolute love that rise up from your hips
and speak from the heart of truth.

Goddess of The Volcano de Arenal 2
This is not the idolatry of self, neither the desecration of self.
You are not here to cherish the false but to awaken beyond the
you previously chased and sacrificed for.

I am the Mother of Heaven, the flowing inspiration of Sarasvati.
I am come to you as the whispering winds of change,
as living chaos, summoning the fates, summoning your destiny
to rise up and greet you in the mirror.

Rise up and know yourself by heart.
Ask the stranger you have become to be a stranger no more.
Express the love you have hidden,
free the hostage of yourself in the unseen, unheard,
held captive in un-fulfillment.
Welcome yourself home.
Honor the love you feel.
I am SHE. I am you.
You are me. Love yourself.
Embrace me.

Here is Zayra reading another selection from “Color Me Pomegranate”


Zayra Yves’ mystical love poetry has been published in numerous print journals, anthologies, on-line e-zines and magazines, including Panhandler Quarterly, Voices for Africa, Eyes of the Poet, Kreativ, Edge Life Magazine, Poetry Life & Times, Astropoetica, Alehouse Press, 34th Parallel, Feeling is First, and The Enchanting Verses International Journal.
Her books and audios include Leaving You Unpainted, Ordinary Substance. Empty as Nirvana, Sleep in the Sea Tonight With Me, Crowned Compassion, and her latest book, Color Me Pomegranate. All her works and more information are available through her website at

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Zayra Yves says:

Thank you Andrew! May you be blessed!

Beautiful! Lush and evocative. I love how you incorporate the dark and the bright – both important aspects of claiming the power of our lives.