The Coming of the Divine Child of Humankind

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by Kell Kearns
One way of interpreting “The Son of Man”, Jesus’ enigmatic description of himself (in the singular) and the New Humanity he heralds (in the plural) that occurs over 80 times in the canon of New Testament scripture, is “The Divine Child of Humankind”. I’ve reflected much on this phrase. I explore it in my films, “The Consciousness of The Christ: Reclaiming Jesus for a New Humanity” and “The Coming of the Divine Child of Humankind”. This child is born of a universal mysticism. I use a vocabulary familiar to Christianity for that is the fertile ground of universal mysticism from which I come. Here are some of the reflections on the divine child which find their way into my seminars and discussions of the above films.
A child suckled at its mother’s breasts, drawing forth the ambrosia of love, is the picture of the unified condition of the human paradise for which we are intended. Mother and babe live in an un-separated state beyond sin which mirrors the truth of our position within Divine Source. Paul wrote that, “We were all made to drink of One Spirit.” (1 Cor. 12:13) In Spirit’s realm we become one with Mother as birth-giving Wisdom, and ingest in our consciousness the brimming collective cupful of the Divine.

Jesus saw some babies nursing. He said to his Disciples,
“These nursing babies are like those who enter the kingdom.”
– The Gospel of Thomas 22:1,2

I read the above and see the glories of a heavenly rose blooming with inexpressible beauty in the heart of every new-born. Each child is named Savior, Bodhisattva, Avatar, and is one with all humankind. En-fleshed in separate bodies we are cradled inseparably with the loving, creative Source of the cosmos like an adored child nursing at its mother’s breast in perfect ease and trust. This is the comforting, empowering message of the metaphor in The Gospel of Thomas. Mother and babe know complete loving union. For Jesus, the harmonious interpenetration of infant and breast perfectly represented the essence of humanity as ‘The Beloved Image’, and, therefore, the essence of God. We come forth from the womb of Source and are nurtured with all good things by Creation, the very embodiment of Source. This is the great joy of physical existence, and, as the wise, divine, androgynous child of humankind grows in imagination, the loving exchange of unity between source and image spreads throughout a trustworthy universe as far as the “eye” can see. Fearless, everyone the Divine Child meets is unveiled as the Beloved Image, and the mother-child love is carried into the bridal chamber of Union that births a New Humanity brimming with the children of a new paradise. Exalted above the driven dichotomy of sexual gender and the predilections of division, The Divine Child lives life “in love” with the beauty of the entire creation, seeing reflected in it the loveliness of the mother’s face. Let us remember ourselves.

Watch what passes between a mother and her nursing child. She cradles the babe in protection and safety. The child drinks the pure sweetness of eternity, gazes upward and is met by the mother’s adoring eyes. Enraptured for hours, the child watches the face that is the source of its own being. The child, the image, emulates the expression of adoration and joy on the face of the Mother. The Word the Divine Child hears from the mouth of her sacred human is soothing, unconditional love. The child observes the movement of the lips as they send forth Words of endearment and assurance, then returns his gaze to the providing eyes. The Child learns The Word. The gift of the Word is endless, unlimited creativity.

In moments of prayerful wisdom The Word comes to us throughout our lives, rocking us gently in a universe where every need is provided and spiritual abundance flows as a free gift. It is from such moments that we partake of our unique genius as sons and daughters of God, and create masterpieces out of our lives. The Word is the very breath of Creation, which we exhale into the universe as deeds of light. Let us remember ourselves.

The Gospel of Truth, written by Valentinus of Alexandria and Rome in the mid 100s CE, describes the boon of meditating on the Divine Word as showing us “the Jesus of infinite sweetness”. The Word speaks of the earthly world of light and sound and substance as Eden; we receive the innocent wisdom of uninterrupted paradise as the true nature of things. We are The Beloved, and are, ourselves, love. The truth is as sweet as mother’s milk.

As for the Word, his wisdom meditates on it,
his teaching utters it, his knowledge has revealed it,
his patience is a crown upon it, his joy is in harmony
with it, his glory has exalted it, his character has
 revealed it, his rest has received it, his love has
incarnated it, his faith has embraced it. 
– The Gospel of Truth 23

The great mystic writer of the Gospel of John understood the primal creative unity of Love’s Word heard only by your immortal Divine Child:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word
was with God, and the Word was God. He was in
the beginning with God. All things came into
being through him, and without him not one
thing came into being. What has come into
being in him was life, and the life was the light
of all people. The light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness did not overcome it.
Most deeply, The Word becomes the paradisiacal name of your Divine Child within. Of course, we then submit to pain in our earthly life, but The Divine Child has chosen to dwell amidst the pain with a light that lifts all creation beyond pain into a shared destiny of our unified nature in joy. Valentinus begins his Gospel of Truth with the line, “The good news of truth is joy!” The power from which the Divine Child accomplishes joy on earth is a consciousness that manifests as radical self trust in a trustworthy universe. The intense belief in the efficacy of your Divine Self as the bringer of light to the world, who is too grand a creation to have anything to fear, dissolves you into an immortal, transpersonal heaven that showers humanity with raindrops which reflect the Divine Image of every human.

Kell Kearns is a Speaker, Filmmaker and Broadcast Journalist with 25 Years of Creative Excellence on Topics of Spiritual and Social Transformation. His newest documentary, GLOBALIZED SOUL, is about the emergent global spirituality that is transforming our world. We will be featuring the film during our September “Celebration of Spiritual and Religious Unity, Wisdom and Friendship”.

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Anonymous says:

I had a vision of myself as a ‘divine child’ and it has transformed my being and my life. would love to hear of others to whom this has also happened

Zayra Yves says:

I like the transpersonal focus in this piece. It’s well written and illuminating.