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Andrew Cort’s Mini-Review:

AngelIn Developing a Mystic Consciousness, Carol Batey reminds readers that we are never alone, that higher forces are always there for support: Holy Spirit, spirit guides, angels. I would note that in earlier, more primitive cultures, their presence was part of everyone’s day-to-day experience. The gods of Homer’s Greece were part of daily life. God spoke to Abraham and Moses. He sent His messenger to speak to Mary. The sharp difference that we ascribe to secular matters and sacred matters would make no sense to a Shaman. In these times and cultures, people were immersed in the sacred, and felt a direct participation with higher levels of existence. “During the last three or four centuries, however,” writes Douglas Sloan, “this participatory awareness of a meaningful world has dimmed almost to the point of extinction.”

But Batey wants to reassure us that they are still here. She wants to encourage us, in the words of Charles Fillmore, to develop “an intimate first-hand acquaintance with God.”  To develop this keener spiritual awareness of a Higher Power, she says, “we may try stillness, silence, spiritual practice, mental prayer, or mystical meditation.” All of this can be done in this world , as we will see in today’s excerpt: we do not have to run off to a convent or a hidden monastery in the Himalayas.
Mystics, of course, continue to experience this awareness, which is why Batey shares mystic literature from Saint Clare, Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Theresa and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Her book is very thoughtful and inspiring.
Spiritual Literature
The spiritual life does not remove us from the world but leads us deeper into it.”  ­
– Henri J. M. Nouwen (1932-1996)

Seekers of enlightenment are looking for a higher spiritual awakening into a higher calling of devotion to their Creator; they are looking for blueprints. Just like a builder who builds homes or buildings, they too follow a blueprint.  As a result, as the builder follows clear directions, the project is completed.  However, most people only know God the Creator through another person or media – parents, close relatives, minister, or a book.  Mystics are those who are called to experience God in sense, feeling, and the wisdom of Spirit first-hand, not far away in a distance.  Authors Ronald Hennies and Sonia Weiss (2004) describe it this way: “a mystic is one who practices or believes in mysticism.  Mathew 22:14 states, “For many are called, but few are chosen.  Everyone on earth is called to understand and integrate with Spirit; it is a personal choice.  Spirit teaches mystics on a deep level within their consciousness.  Mysticism is found in every religion, culture and age on this earth from the North, South, East and West of the continent. Thus, faithful “mystical travelers” are led to move and go here or there without knowing why.  Nonetheless, they later learn why they were called to serve mankind and develop an inner knowing. These people are not afraid to dare to uncover their different spiritual paths.
Mother Teresa was a high school teacher before answering her call to God.  The call came on the 10th of September 1946, the day their Catholic church celebrates “Inspiration Day.” From the book, The Joy of Loving, she is on a train to another city when she is told by Jesus:  “I want you to serve Me among the poorest of poor” (Chalika and Le Joly, 2000). The authors claim this movement and encounter with Jesus changed her life.

Sylvia Browne describes in her book, Phenomenon (2005), the “mystical traveler said to God about their soul’s journey is, ‘Whatever in this Universe you needs me, I’ll willing go.’ Mystical Travelers … devote themselves to maintaining the divine spiritual connection between us and God as a thriving, viable force.” Browne continues, “Mystical Travelers have a peaceful acceptance of sacrifice and discomfort when it comes to going forth with their mission on earth” (p. 190). This person is often likened unto Martin Luther, the father of the Protestant Reformation in Germany, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and Thomas á Kempis, an Augustinian monk to name a few (Foster and Smith, 1990).  This may be your path.  This poignant information will be valuable to them, knowing that their attachment is to God, not to persons, places, and things.
Listening to the Universal God
Holy SpiritVarious times, people are often pursued by others to seek other destinies, not to fulfill their spiritual paths ­ their inner calling from the Universal God. Nonetheless, there have been those who neglect to listen to a prompting of their soul’s nudging from Spirit.  Hence, procrastination happens by making their passions, desires, and goals a priority in their lives. Thus, they are afraid of making a commitment to prioritize spiritual goals, allowing fears to prevent them from saying “Yes” to the Universal God. Once an individual can identify their fears, overcome them, and subsequently decide what they are willing to leave behind, then growth can occur in their life.  Numerous seekers are so afraid of losing out on material things and going places, that they forgo the spiritual journey. Therefore, to make it easy, there are blueprints available from the Saints who have gone before us in this life.
When seekers are unsettled in their spiritual life, their spirit and souls are drawn to another level, growth, or stage of spiritual devotion. This process may leave them feeling uncomfortable and unsettled. When that feeling happens, the masterpiece of mystical literature and blueprints of the sixteenth century, Carmelite Mystic Priest, Author Saint John of the Cross and others may come as a guide. In his book, Dark Nights of the Soul, Saint John equates two different phases ­ the first phase is a purification process; the second is spiritual.  This means as one develops and enhances their devotion of spirituality, they begin to become purified, cleansed, and then their spiritual eyes are awakened. In one stanza of Dark Nights of the Soul, he writes: “On a dark night, kindled in love with yearnings ­ oh happy chance! ­ I went forth without being observed, my house being now at rest.”
The house was his soul!

Carol Batey is a Writer, Minister, Metaphysics Teacher, Art Lifestyle Coach, LMT, Licensed, Esthetician, Professional Model, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, and Mother of Six! She is a Member of the National Speaker Association of Tennessee. Her website can be found at


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