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Goldie Hawn - hi res scan
Goldie Hawn – hi res scan,
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Goldie Hawn has started a project to get our schools to start paying attention to the emotional and social needs of our kids. This is, of course, exactly what the schools are not interested in as they spend every moment worrying about performance on standardized tests (readers here already know what I think of these tests). Here is some info about the program from The Hawn Foundation:

“Pressure on students and teachers continues to intensify, while resources are drying up and traditional educational methods are failing. Our kids are paying a terrible price, not only in academic achievement but in emotional health. Stress related health problems, youth violence, drug abuse and depression are rising at alarming rates.

How can we confront this systemic educational and emotional crisis? How can we rejuvenate our schools, retain our strongest teachers, and once again empower children to learn with eagerness, confidence and joy?

For too long our nation has not invested in the healthy development of its children. The Hawn Foundation is dedicated to promoting children’s success in school and in life through social and emotional learning. We work to ensure the healthy development of children through advocacy and direct programming, reversing the national legacy of neglect and creating a healthier, happier and more peaceful world.

This program, called MindUP TM, is in the hands of over 1000 educators throughout the United States and Canada, and it equips kids with simple, practical tools to help them:

• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Improve concentration and academic performance
• Understand the brain science linking emotions, thoughts and behaviors
• Manage emotions and behavior more effectively
• Develop greater empathy for others and the world
• Be more optimistic and happy”

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You can find out more at their website: