Egypt and the Future

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Eventually a time will come when we look back in hindsight and wonder how we could not have known what was going to happen. But right now, it’s such a huge unknown! Will the departure of Mubarak be followed by an America-hating terrorist regime and an end to Egypt’s peace with Israel? Or will it be followed by a democratic government that brings human rights and prosperity to Egyptians and renewed support for their neighbor? Should America and other nations be patient with Mubarak so there is time for a safe, stable democratic transition, or should we use all our influence to coax him out sooner rather than later — before the protesters turn against the west and pin their hopes on our enemies? Does the rising tide of protest and demonstration throughout various nations of the Middle East mean that freedom and peace are the future? Or will it all be co-opted by forces of hate, chaos and oppression? I hear explanations all day long from journalists and politicians, assuring me of one or another of these outcomes, and they all sound so wise and convincing! What an incredible historical moment! What do YOU think will happen?