Embassy Open House

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I just got home from a weekend in Washington DC, visiting my daughter. Yesterday, many of the embassies around the city held what I guess one would call ‘Open Houses’ – lots of arts on display, lots of food, etc. Huge crowds, long lines, but we managed to get to four of them: Barbados, Afghanistan, Haiti, Chile. What was so striking to me, and almost brought me to tears, was seeing all the incredible Differences – people with different skin colors, different languages and accents, the various arts and crafts they shared from their peoples (paintings, sculpture, jewelry, weavings and carpets, etc), the different clothing and fashion, the different cuisines and scents, the bright colors, the muted colors, the dancing, the drumming, the quiet, the calligraphy, the photographs of oceans and deserts and landscapes and cities, and of course (my field of interest) the different stories and ways of connecting with the sacred in Life. It was all so beautiful. Everyone was so friendly and interested in sharing what they loved and what was most special and unique in their lives and cultures. And here we are in this sick world full of so much hatred, and arrogance, and greed, and violence and war, while the Garden of Eden is right in front of our noses.