Episode 5 of ‘Spirit of the Berkshires’ is on-line

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The fifth show is now on-line at http://www.andrewcort.com/spirit.html

I interview author Richard W. Wise. Richard is a gem trader and world traveler with quite a history of his own. Some years ago he wrote “Secrets of the Gem Trade”, a book which reveals the generally-hidden criteria that is used in the grading of precious stones.

Now he has written an historical novel, telling the extraordinary story of the 17th century gem dealer and adventurer Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, who made six voyages over several decades through Europe, the Holy Roman Empire, Persia and India, participating in wars and assassination plots, and meeting such characters as Louis XIV, Cardinal Richelieu, the Shah of Persia, the Grand Mogul of India, and countless others. It was Tavernier who brought the great blue diamond, the “French Blue”, from India and sold it to Louis XIV. Today, this is known as the Hope Diamond.

Wise’s book, “The French Blue”, is a great deal of fun, a really good read. Come watch the interview.

Spirit of the Berkshires – Episode 5 from Andrew Cort on Vimeo.