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With the dwindling of mystery, enchantment, and longing, we have also lost much of our willingness to risk falling in love. Sex is fine, but why muddle it up with emotions and all that nasty baggage? Self-protectiveness certainly advises against it. And material science, invariably the final authority, gives ‘love’ no real credence anyway. So our new facsimile of love is the ‘relationship’ modeled on the business deal, in which parties protect themselves and haggle for benefits in an environment of conflicting selfish motivations. There is plenty of communication, during much of which the modern male is being instructed, and there is plenty of honesty as personalities express their needs and their demands. But there is little real connection between souls. Plato’s description of love in the Phaedrus, as mad passionate delight, as the wing that can power our flight from Becoming all the way to Being, is now regarded as a preposterous fantasy that can not be taken seriously by modern persons.

But Love is mad and exciting, overflowing with hope and happiness, tasting of eternity.

Anonymous says:

i am pretty fond of Plato’s Symposium…i think it would be a fine thing to remind this culture of many of the gems of wisdom in Plato’s writings…i also think that great works of art, music, literature, etc., are born of eros -eros sublimated perhaps…