Fundamentalist Thinking is Not Limited to Religious Nuts

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repentThere’s yet another story doing the rounds of Facebook today, worrying about whether Jesus was an historical figure or not. It’s such a silly waste of time. It’s all the same problem, on either side of this ‘argument’. Whether it’s literal fundamentalist Christianity (“The Bible is literally true and you MUST believe it”) or literal fundamentalist Atheism (“There’s no literal truth in the Bible so you must NOT believe it”), the problem is not the difference between religion and atheism, the problem is precisely the SAMENESS in this shallow way of thinking: All that matters is whether or not the story is literally ‘true’. Poor, poor gospel writer. The message that the kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you – i.e., that what happens in the material world around you is NOT the point – means nothing. Either ‘Jesus said it’ or ‘Jesus didn’t say it’, and that’s all anybody cares about. What could be gained by pondering the MEANING of the words – well, why bother worrying about that.