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A Film by Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas


From Andrew Cort:

Today concludes our September Celebration of Spiritual and Religious Unity, Wisdom and Friendship. I’ve chosen to wrap up the month by featuring this brilliant and inspiring new film from Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas. The following article from Religion Today Online says it all, so I leave you to the article and the two short videos about their work that I’m very happy to be posting.

I want to thank all the authors, artists, poets, musicians and filmmakers who have contributed their work throughout the month, and of course I want to thank all of you who visited the site and participated. Winners of the Daily Contests will hear from us soon. (There’s still time to enter the contests for the final week: Just take a moment and leave a comment!)

Although this officially concludes our “Celebration”, I want to assure everybody that SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION will continue to post inspiring and informative Articles, Guest Blogs, Videos, Book Reviews, Music, and Art that represents the very best work on the themes of Religious and Spiritual Meaning, Cooperation, and Peace. So please keep coming to the site, and spread the word to friends!

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Celebrating the Oneness of Humanity
(Reprinted from Religion Today Online Magazine, March 28, 2011)

Three years after Rumi Returning, their documentary biography of the great Persian poet, was broadcast on over 330 PBS stations with screenings around the world, Heaven on Earth Creations is set to release Globalized Soul. The new film follows the theme of a universal spirituality of love which made Rumi Returning popular. But, this time producers Kell Kearns and Cynthia Lukas have embraced the whole planet.

Globalized Soul is a mystic tour through the ancient longing of humanity for peace. It tells of a rising consciousness on earth of our oneness at the moment in history when collective love, compassion and nonviolence are necessary for our survival. Gorgeously filmed in India, Turkey, Morocco, Israel, Mexico, The United States and at The Parliament of The World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia, the film celebrates the colorful diversity of the Spirit of the Earth and the common heart we share. 

Like an ensemble drama it weaves stories of empowered peacemakers around the planet – stories in which hatred and suffering are transformed into love and caring. Soaring on the music of Enya, Philip Glass and Ravi Shankar, Globalized Soul casts beautiful light on the human path toward harmony.

It is a tapestry deeply woven. “What lies upon that far shore, beckoning humanity in bright waves from the edge of time?” asks narrator Kell Kearns at the beginning. Silhouetted against the Sea of Galilee and a full moon, waits a solitary fisherman. “Could a new consciousness be rising out of humanity – a new paradigm of wisdom and unity?” Kearns asks.

The film turns first to the oldest religions for an answer.

A Celtic harpist, elders from Australia and the pueblos of New Mexico, offer the same prescription for a sustainable world – love, sharing what we have, and acknowledgement of universal sacredness. 

In Jerusalem and Nazareth courageous Jewish, Muslim and Christian peace-builders come together to affirm their oneness and stand against hatred. 

In India Jain philanthropists create an act of compassion that provides 29,000 of the poorest and most physically challenged with medical help and prosthetics. The Dalai Lama comes to bless the selfless giving and holds interreligious dialogs with the Jains. Globalized Soul uses the opportunity to explore the principles of ancient Jainism which birthed Gandhi’s concept of nonviolence.

Other interviews woven into the epic story include Zen leader Joan Halifax, spiritual progressives Michael Lerner and Joan Chittister, James Trapp, President of the International Association of Unity Churches, and, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Senior Lecturer at Yale University. 

“Everywhere we traveled for Globalized Soul – we found a solidifying unity,” Cynthia Lukas said. “Instant communications have made us all neighbors. The overwhelming sentiment around the planet is that we should love each other and work through our global crises together, nonviolently.” 

By the end of this documentary odyssey the question posed at the beginning is answered: Only love and compassion lifts and sustains the world and is desperately needed at today’s “global tipping point” between harmony and disaster.

You can find out more about the film and how you can watch it by visiting Heaven on Earth Creations

In the meantime, here are Kell and Cynthia at the recent World Peace Festival in Berlin where they interviewed Deepak Chopra, Arun Gandhi, James O’Dea, and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Mairead Maguire for Peace Day TV while premiering their film, Globalized Soul at the World Peace Festival in Berlin, Germany. Globalized Soul is The Featured Film for the 2011 UN International Day of Peace.

And here is their short Introduction to Globalized Soul:

Be sure to visit Heaven on Earth Creations to find out how you can help support the great work of Kell and Cynthia!

Wow…. Awesome post & your writing style is superb like as usual all your post.

Wow…. Awesome post & your writing style is superb like as usual all your post.

Wow…. Awesome post & your writing style is superb like as usual all your post.