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bbb3I remember an afternoon when I was still single and in my mid-thirties, walking up First Avenue in New York. A man walked passed me in the opposite direction, with a little toddler riding happily on his shoulders. As he passed, I felt a tinge of jealousy.

It stopped me in my tracks. What was that?! I had never felt such a thing before. I was young, single, having the time of my life. The thought of wanting to be tied down with a child had never crossed my mind. Where on earth had this alarming new sensation come from?

The feeling had arisen within me all by itself. It took a few more years, but I finally did get married and become a father. And contrary to the expectations of my youth, being a father has been far and away the greatest joy of my life.

(To all the ‘men’ out there who have fathered children and not been part of their lives: You are harming your children terribly, of course, but if that is not a good enough reason to become responsible and accountable, realize that you are depriving yourself of the most wonderful experience you could ever have.)