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I remember one afternoon when I was single, in my early thirties, walking up First Avenue in New York City. A man walked passed me in the opposite direction, with a little toddler riding happily on his shoulders. As he passed, I felt a tinge of jealousy. 
It made me stop short. What was that?!! I had never felt such a thing before. I was young, happy and single, having the time of my life. The thought of wanting to be tied down with a child had never crossed my mind. I was on the hunt constantly – some successes, plenty of strikeouts, but it was always exciting. Where on earth had this alarming new sensation come from? 
It took a few more years, but I finally did get married and become a father. And contrary to the expectations of my youth, being a father to my daughter has been far and away the greatest joy of my life. 

Yeah, that’s her up there. I can’t believe it, but she just turned 18!

Happy Fathers Day

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Kids living apart from their Dads are more likely to be expelled from school, to have emotional problems, to have difficulty with peers and relationships, and to get into trouble with the law. Dads are Important!! Happy Fathers Day!

To celebrate fathers, and from now until The Fourth of July, my book THE AMERICAN PSYCHE IN SEARCH OF ITS SOUL (which includes responsible fatherhood as a major theme) can be downloaded for FREE in PDF form here: http://www.andrewcort.com/AmerFree.html