Happy New Year 2016!

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LONG TERM SOCIAL GOAL: To be of use in efforts to bring about a peaceful world where people ‘see’ that all the different spiritual and cultural ways of life on Earth are meant to be shared, appreciated and revered, not used for hatred, fear or violence. This is why I write about the underlying Unity of meaning and purpose that’s found in all our traditions (it’s so much more interesting and real than the phony surface divisiveness of religious fundamentalism or nationalistic arrogance. Reverence for all life is the key). My daughter jokes that perhaps after I’m gone people will finally discover my books and actually read them and appreciate them, and if that’s to be the case I will be content.

SHORT TERM SOCIAL GOAL: To be of use in keeping the current extremist tea party Republicans out of the White House and sweeping them out of congress and local governments as well. This is why I often post, and will continue to post, about politics in contemporary America, and the hazards of oligarchy, bigotry, sensationalism and thuggery that are threatening to unravel and destroy the American experiment.

PROFESSIONAL GOAL: To be of use to a growing clientele in my newly-renewed healing arts practice. To use all the skills and knowledge I have accumulated, and to continue learning more: but mostly to remember to be present, to listen, to care, and to not forget that real healing comes from something much bigger than me, and if I can be a conduit and lowly assistant I am successful.

PERSONAL GOAL: To continue making efforts to improve and maintain my own health, so that perhaps I can have another 20 or more years to enjoy my daughter and be around for her: and to improve my social life as well, and hopefully spend whatever years remain immersed in warmth and love and passion and personal happiness. And I wish that for you and for everyone.