The Helen Thomas Issue

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I just received an e-mail from a friend who writes, “Helen Thomas just lost her job as a reporter for the Press Corps. For saying that Jews should go back to Germany. The attitude was ‘go back to the ovens.’ ”

Actually, she didn’t say or imply that at all. Although I was not happy with her comment, this is just the kind of “fact twisting” that drives me crazy. Someone in the press says something happened, so everyone believes it just because it’s convenient to believe it. What she did say was, the Israelis should get out of Palestine, and when asked ‘where should they go’ she suggested they should go “home”: by which, and this is what she said, she meant they should return to where they lived before coming to Israel — and she listed Germany, Poland, and America. There was no intent to say they should go back to Nazi gas ovens. That’s just press sensationalism and people’s willingness to believe whatever lies they hear.

She should have spoken more carefully, and I disagree with her point of view on the issue, but that doesn’t mean I have to slander her and believe any crappy lies that the press passes on.