An Immense Reality

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The physical make-up of our sense organs determines what we are able to perceive. Amongst the infinite number of electro-magnetic wavelengths, for instance, only a very few find receptor cells inside the retina of a healthy human eye: other creatures have receptor cells for other wavelengths, and infinite alternatives are theoretically possible. Only a very limited number of vibrations cause a reaction inside the human ear: higher and lower vibrations can cause reactions in the ears of other creatures. Even within the human species there are many variations: for instance, some people can taste certain substances which others cannot.

In other words, the information about the world which our five senses provide for us is a very small and specialized part of a very big picture. If Nature had seen fit to develop our retinas with receptor cells that responded to other electromagnetic wavelengths, we would ‘see’ a different version of the world, just as certain animals apparently see a different version of the world.

The particular limitations of our senses can hardly be said to determine what the world ‘really’ looks like. They only determine which few components of this immense reality happen to be apprehensible to us.

Anonymous says:

Extremely fascinating. I have long realized that we all have variation of senses.
For some, a heightened perception in areas unknown or undiscovered to others. By sheer will we have the ability to develop and sharpen senses. For me it was enviromental survivial. Adapting and delivering societies expectation while becoming very good at what it took to get the job done.