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I often hear the claim that “Sure, I guess not all Muslims are terrorists, but how come the good ones never speak out? It seems as if they’re all willing to support terrorism, even if they don’t participate.”

This attitude, of course, is due in part to the Media’s need to print sensationalism: there’s a good story when someone tries to blow people up, but no story at all when someone simply lives their life in peace. And when someone does speak up, this is vastly overshadowed by the next story of violence, sexual scandal, or mayhem. Since talking about Peace is not controversial, it’s not worth covering.
On the other hand, the other day I typed in the phrase “Muslims Against Terrorism” on the Youtube site, and it brought up 5,470 Videos.
Then I went to the Google site and typed in the phrase “Muslims who speak out against Violence”, and it turned up 24,400,000 results.
The only reason some people have never heard Muslims object to terror and violence, is that they don’t listen and haven’t looked.

In this video, some of America’s leading Muslim figures speak on the use of violence as a means to impact change, and its contrary nature to Islam’s teachings.
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