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The three western monotheistic religions can be seen as three different versions of the same religion. All three worship the same God. All three teach their followers the importance of faith, love, and moral rules of living. 

The major difference is that each one emphasizes a different aspect

Judaism, the first proponent of monotheism, is the religion of the ‘Father’. The Mercy of the Father passed into the world where it was limited and transformed by practical Judgment before descending safely into the material realm. This quality of Judgment, which was therefore inherent in the nature of things here in the ‘Below’, led to the Mosaic emphasis on the Law: Moses taught rigorous rules of living (both literal and symbolic), which, if strictly adhered to here in earthly life, would purify the soul and help lead it back up through the harshness of Judgment (which would be satisfied), and into arms of the Father’s Mercy. 

But over time, the esoteric reason for all these laws and rules became lost in the mists of time, and the exoteric adherence to various now-meaningless rituals became an end in itself. God, the Father, had been lost!

Christianity then appeared as an attempt to remedy this. Christianity is the religion of the ‘Son’. Christ’s mission was to turn the soul’s attention back to the ‘Above’, to re-instill its awareness of, and desire for, the higher realm of Mercy. For this reason, Jesus emphasized Love, and he demonstrated to his disciples that the Law was meaningless without it (he was very clear, however, that he was not here to change even one letter of the Law). Thus, the ‘gates of heaven’ were reopened, and the focus of the soul was turned back once again from the exoteric to the esoteric.

But then a new problem arose. This time, the World was lost! As Christianity evolved, its focus on the ‘Above’ became so obsessive that God’s glorious Creation was deemed sinful and evil, and Christians were told to detest it and make every possible effort to transcend it. 

The third monotheistic religion, Islam, is the religion of the harmonizing third force in the upper triad – the Holy Ghost, the Logos, the Paraclete (according to Islam, Muhammad is the Paraclete). Muhammad’s mission was not to create a new religion, but to rebalance the two already-existing expressions of the One religion of the One True God. This meant that he had to readjust the equilibrium between the ‘Above’ and the ‘Below’, and renew humanity’s appreciation for all of God’s Creation – the exoteric realm and the esoteric realm. 

To do this, Muhammad emphasized Faith. When the Muslim recites the words, “There is no god but God,” this is a statement of absolute faith that God is All Being and All Manifestation. The accompanying statement, “and Muhammad is His Messenger,” is a statement of absolute faith that the life of this world is connected to God, and God’s ‘Word’ – as spoken through His Prophet – is what connects us to Him. To deny any of this is to deny God and to be an unbeliever. The real Islamic ‘battle’ (and this is the actual meaning of the word jihad) is the battle to remain steadfast in one’s Faith, despite all attempts of the lower self to defeat one’s effort.


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