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Are you interested in the topics we discuss on this website?

The esoteric Symbolism of spiritual and religious stories?
The sacred inner Quest for Enlightenment?
The underlying Unity of all our traditions?
The hope for international and intercultural Friendship and Peace? 

I would like to invite any interested readers of my Blog to read, for free, and write a Customer Review of, Symbols, Meaning, and the Sacred Quest: Spiritual Awakening in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Stories.

It’s been my deepest hope, through all my years of writing, that my books may contribute to this change in consciousness, to a spiritual renewal without any fundamentalism or divisiveness, to a new world of tolerance and respect where we delight in the magnificent diversity of our human experiences rather than seeing them as causes for enmity and hatred.

You can contact me at, let me know you’re interested, and I will send you a free PDF copy of the book, with a brief explanation of ‘how to’ post a review on Amazon.