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It’s always the same inner story: the Quest of the Soul. The ancient Greeks presented their Wisdom Teaching through stories of dreamlike gods and goddesses. The Hebrews presented their Wisdom Teaching through adventures and legends that they wove around their ancestors. Christianity presented its Wisdom Teaching through the extraordinary story of one divine man, Jesus of Nazareth, who single-handedly traversed all the levels of Being in one lifetime, as he and his disciples played out the entire drama of Initiation on the stage of world history, and everyone was, and is, invited to watch and participate.


The Greek word pleroo, which is translated as ‘fulfill’, has nothing to do with ‘making predictions come true’. It means to make something perfect, to give back what is lacking, so that it overflows with truth and goodness. To say that Jesus ‘fulfilled the Scriptures’ does not mean that the Hebrew Bible was somehow ‘really’ about him. It isn’t. It means that he did everything the Scriptures symbolically instruct us to do: he publicly performed and fully achieved all the steps of Initiation, perfectly demonstrating the inner psychological and spiritual meaning of everything that is revealed in the Hebrew Bible (and in all great myth and scripture). His message to us was, “I did it. Now you do it.”

But Christ did do something new, something that makes his teaching different from anything that had come before and would bring about an enormous change in the level of consciousness of humanity. The Mysteries had always been for the chosen few. The specific details of rites and ceremonies that took place during an actual Initiation had always been a closely guarded secret, hidden in symbolism, hidden in secret ceremonies, hidden in the mists of time. The idea had always been that it was dangerous for uninitiated people to have too much knowledge which they were not prepared to digest, since this could only lead to confusion and resentment.

Christ would not disagree. But he was determined to let everyone share in at least some of the fruits of the Mysteries, if only in a small way. He could not give everyone the entire experience, nor would he have wanted to. But he wanted everyone to know, with absolute certainty, as a result of their own experience and what they witnessed with their own eyes, that the Truths of the Mysteries definitely existed, that there were higher levels of Being which every human being had a right to, and which they would one day be able to attain.

It was time for the sacred wisdom that had always been scrupulously concealed to flow directly into history and become the possession of all humanity. So he performed the entire Mystery Play on the stage of world history, and instead of swearing his disciples to secrecy, he sent them forth with orders to shine their light before others, so that everyone could see.