Islam and the Underlying Unity of Religions

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No religion is more emphatic than Islam in teaching that we are all children of the same God. No religion states more clearly, “There is no God but God!”

We’re all human, and one thing that happens to humans is that wisdom and understanding tend to fade over time and our souls need to be refreshed. In many ways, Christianity was a response to a dwindling of wisdom that had gripped Judaism — many Pharisees, for instance, were observing rituals automatically but had lost touch with their real inner meaning. Likewise, Islam was in many ways a response to a dwindling of wisdom in Christianity – people were focusing so exclusively on God and the afterlife, that they thought God’s creation, this world, was somehow “evil”. Muhammad’s mission was not to create a new religion, but to re-balance the two already-existing expressions of the One religion of the One True God. This meant that he had to adjust the equilibrium between the ‘Above’ and the ‘Below’, and renew humanity’s respect for all of God’s Creation.

Contrary to the foolish assumptions of a few Islamic terrorists (who are really no different than Crusaders and Klansmen and countless other fools who have misunderstood religious teachings and gone off murdering in the name of God), Islam is not about violence. Islam is the religion of harmony, a harmony that is brought about by Faith in God’s Oneness, Surrender to God’s Will, and moral Virtue which is achieved through the constant remembrance of God throughout the day.