It’s Written in Stone!

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The way we use the phrase “It’s Written in Stone” (which I believe comes from the Ten Commandments story), to mean “It’s an absolute truth that cannot be challenged or changed”, is very strange. It’s pretty much backwards. The reason the commandments were written on stone is that ‘stone’ is a symbol of low-level consciousness, and folk like us can only understand on that level – even in the story, the commandments were originally written by the Divine’s own finger on opaque sapphire, but the consciousness still worshiping the golden calf (ie, the lower material consciousness) couldn’t accept this so it was destroyed, and Moses had to rewrite it, by his own Human hand, on ordinary stone tablets. A much higher level of consciousness and truth is symbolized by Water – hence, Miriam’s Well, which was a rock, yielded water. Later, in a moment of impatience, Moses would be punished for trying to get water from a rock by striking it (using brute force, which was completely inappropriate for higher truth), rather than ‘asking’ it, as God had suggested. Wine, in the stories, symbolizes an even higher level of consciousness and truth. Wine symbolizes the Soul, which exists in a state ‘above Earth’ but ‘below heaven’, i.e., in between. In the Gospel story, Jesus takes Water, which is being held in Stone containers, and transforms it into Wine. This isn’t some silly ‘gee whiz’ miracle that ‘science’ can scoff at, it’s a deep Symbol for the ascent of human consciousness up a spiritual path toward Enlightenment. Higher Truth is unchangeable. What we write on stone is not absolute or permanent at all!