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When the Eye of the Soul awakens, we experience a high level of reality – pure ideas, Archetypes, what Plato called the ‘Forms’: essential meanings, revelations, universal truths, which are only accessible to the “intuitive intellect” above mere Reason.

This is when real Faith becomes possible.

Faith is notthe same thing as ‘opinion’ or ‘belief’. Belief is simply adhering to one conviction or another on thoughtless and inadequate grounds: perhaps because someone told us to believe it, perhaps because believing it makes us comfortable, perhaps because it spares us the effort of thinking for ourselves. Faith, on the other hand, is the result of one’s own authentic experience of the reality of God. Faith is certainty, and certainty has to be earned.

One evening, during a meeting of a spiritual group that I was part of long ago, our group leader made a statement about something: I don’t recall what it was, but I sure remember the aftermath! He asked me what I thought of what he’d claimed, and I said “I believe you.” Boy, was that ever the wrong answer! He bellowed at me so that the room shook, “You believe me?!? You have no right to believe what I say! How dare you take my work for your own! You find out for yourself!

This is the difference between a genuine spiritual Teacher and a mere Cult Leader. The Cult Leader tells us what we are commanded to blindly believe. A real Teacher helps us become able to think, feel, and know for ourselves. It’s a sad and terrible fact of human history that within a generation or two following the appearance of a real Teacher, the teaching routinely starts to morph into a cult.
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A good test for me is that if someone tries to tell me that there is only one path to my own enlightenment, then I know that I am in the wrong place. Thanks for your post.