Logical Positivism

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We are the heirs of ‘Logical Positivism‘, a philosophical endeavor that seeks to impose scientific thinking into every aspect of our lives by suggesting that all forms of human knowledge should aspire to the same sort of rigorous rationality as science. What is most characteristic of logical positivism is its insistence that a statement is only meaningful if it can be determined, through sense observations or scientific experimentation, to be either true or false: anything that cannot be analyzed in this simple manner is considered meaningless, and serious people should not bother thinking about such nonsense. Thus do we attempt to reject all the wonder and mystery of life, which means, on the one hand, that we are lying to ourselves (under the guise of being rational and intellectually sophisticated), and on the other hand, that our constricted minds have seceded from our emotions and intuitions, shattering the soul into fragments.