MAKE LOVE TO THE UNIVERSE: Himalayan Masters Share Spiritual Wisdom

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by Phoenix Desmond (Today’s PRIZE GIVEAWAY is a PDF of Phoenix’s Book. Simply leave a COMMENT to enter. See details below)


Andrew Cort’s Mini-Review:

In Make Love to the Universe, Phoenix Desmond recounts his journey through the Himalayas, in the company of spirits from Sirius, seeking a Master. He returns to an ancient way of life comparable to that of the Buddha – he abandons his possessions and preconceptions, and lives among the poor. Written from the perspective of both Phoenix and the accompanying Sirians, this fascinating story traces their quest to find Master Babaji, an immortal being capable of eliminating suffering. Along the way they experience the natural beauty of their surroundings, which opens the heart and brings about a higher form of perception, connecting them with all of life. They meet people entranced by their negativity and self-imposed misery, as well as others who bring positive light, love and peace into the world.

Insightful, often humorous, and filled with love, Phoenix’s book is a short, quick read, filled with exercises and meditations that anyone can follow, which can help promote both personal and global transformation.

Perhaps it all happened as described, or perhaps it is a creation of the author’s imagination. This is beside the point. Either way, the message is enduring, worthwhile and important, and the book is a pleasure to read. Here are some of its lessons.


Approach each experience as an opportunity to understand the relatedness of life. Look within your heart for the common ground that removes the solid outline of the self, replacing it with a seamless wave of color and sound. This is your refuge—here you will discover the end of all suffering. Take heart in the rediscovery of one another as close relatives to be honored.
Whenever you enter into communion with your relatives, your love for them grows stronger. Love is not an obligation, or an act of hard labor, but rather an effortless expression that brings instant joy. If you can welcome this expression into your daily life, it will transform your experience on Earth into one of lasting contentment.

Love teaches us of a power that is grander in scale than the self. This tremendous power is bestowed at birth, and can never be removed. It begins and ends within the heart. Like the sun, its energy flows without reserve, and it has no need for compensation. Coursing through your veins like a steed of horses, it carries with it the promise of liberation from suffering.

Each time you feel fear, you block this power. Fear travels deep into the chambers of your heart, building walls around its light—a light that would otherwise shield you from dis-ease. When you allow the destructive forces of fear to enter your heart, you forget the unlimited power bestowed through love.

Once blocked, this power cannot be bullied into revealing itself. It knows nothing of the material world, so it carries no price. It will not rouse for prayers repeated without understanding. You can fast, sing and dance, make sacrifices and offerings—you can even climb the tallest mountains to visit the holiest of temples. Still, it will elude you. For as long as fear remains, your connection to the heart’s power will remain severed.

Fortunately, the heart’s power has never left your side. The walls were built by the self, and will respond to the right intention. Your will can overcome any obstacle. Take all of the power in the institutions, all the wisdom in the books and return it to its rightful place: your heart. All the secrets of the ancients, all the answers to the Great Mystery lie dormant in the buried treasure within your chest. Love is the key to open the chest.

Love is acceptance of that rushing steed, that power which is our birthright as living, breathing reflections of Great Spirit. It is the grand prize waiting at the altar. All are invited to reclaim their power—the opportunity is ever present. Stand tall alongside your relatives, together we can break through the walls of fear that cloak the Truth.



Phoenix Desmond is a shamanic practitioner who helps others alleviate suffering by showing them how to access their own intuitive faculties. He is also a practicing yogi, father, and nature lover. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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Kazzrie says:

Ohhhhh…..your book sounds divine!…I am just waking up to my true nature and purpose on this planet…your book would be a perfect companion to me at this time of my journey…bountiful blessings…