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A Meditation on Government, Business, Science, Education, Media and Family

“I have never in my long life read a better or clearer explanation of why things have gone awry as much as they have.”

– Peter O’Lalor, author of Alexander Hamilton and the Duty and Obligation of Government

Can we restore a genuine sense of meaning and purpose to our lives and culture without compromising our hard-earned rationality, our scientific achievement, and our demand for prosperity and social justice?

With passion, intelligence and hope, THE AMERICAN PSYCHE IN SEARCH OF ITS SOUL addresses this critical question in chapters covering the gamut of science and technology, economics, pop culture, politics, family, urban violence, and education. It reminds us that the dream of the American Founders was that this nation would be the site of a great flowering of wisdom, beauty and spirit – and this dream is not just a preposterous fantasy that sophisticated modern people can no longer take seriously.

Today, when America is becoming more and more divided, when anger and antagonism are percolating everywhere, plenty of exploitative politicians, writers and media stars are cheerfully stirring people up with sarcasm, calls to arms, and simplistic, half-baked ‘solutions’ to America’s problems.

That is not the purpose of this book.

● Read this book because THE AMERICAN PSYCHE IN SEARCH OF ITS SOUL is written for people who are not willing to be swayed by either the fundamentalist ultra-right or the atheistic ultra-left, but are searching for thoughtful analyses of contemporary problems and thoughtful solutions that respect both the rational mind of humanity and the religious spirit of humanity.

● Read this book because THE AMERICAN PSYCHE IN SEARCH OF ITS SOUL is aimed at readers who are educated, politically savvy, concerned about their families, concerned about their local communities as well as the international community, and are looking for deeper levels of meaning in their lives.

● Buy this book because one major theme of the book is the need to provide our children with safe, loving homes, and to protect them from violence, abuse, and neglect. To help support this effort, $1 (one dollar) from the sale of each copy of THE AMERICAN PSYCHE IN SEARCH OF ITS SOUL is being donated to the CHILDREN’S DEFENSE FUND.

One Reviewer has written:

“This learned and inspirational book rescues philosophy from the mathematicians, sex from the hedonists, religion from empty sanctimony, and science from barren materialism. A must read for all of us who seek a guidebook for meaningful life in the new millennium.”

– George Gilder, author of Wealth and Poverty, Life after Television, and The Israel Test

THE AMERICAN PSYCHE IN SEARCH OF ITS SOUL is available in Paperback, eBook, and Amazon Kindle format. Please visit my website at for more information and to buy your copy. After you’ve read it please spread the word, let me know what you think, and write a Customer Review for Amazon and/or other publications.

Thanks a thousandfold in advance!

Andrew Cort

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