Nature Loves to Hide

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Nature Loves to Hide, by Shimon Malin, is an excellent book on the interface of science and philosophy. Ever since Capra’s immensely successful The Tao of Physics, there has been widespread interest in the connections between modern theoretical physics and eastern religion. While opening many minds to a deeper sense of spirituality, this also may have helped to close many minds to the possibilities of a genuine Western spirituality. In this fascinating and readable book, Professor Malin succeeds in two important respects: First, through his clear exposition, and the use of charming dialogues, he brings the challenging and mind-altering ideas of modern physics within the reach of just about anyone. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, he has contributed to the reinvigoration of our Western philosophical tradition by bringing the ideas of Plato, Plotinus, and Whitehead, among others, back into the forefront, and he has shown how these great thinkers have foreseen our contemporary scientific achievements, and can imbue them with sense and meaning.