Of Myth, Scripture, and the Quest

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In their deepest and most important sense, Mythology and Scripture are internal, psychological stories. Through allegory and symbol they weave the tale of a soul – your soul – that has descended into material life and must now do the necessary work to find its way home again. This inner journey, the basis of all ‘Sacred Quest’ legends, has been called “Persephone’s Ascent to Olympus”, “The Return to the Promised Land”, and many other names. Everything that happens along the way – the wars, the joys, the obstacles that are overcome – must all occur within oneself.
In other words, all the great myths and scriptures can be read as how-to manuals for spiritual Initiation. When this is understood, the stunning underlying unity of all our great traditions is revealed. The atheist objection that the stories are ‘irrational’ becomes irrelevant even if true, and the justification for religious hatred and war disappears.