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Nicki Scully and my friends at “Planetary Healing” will be hold­ing their first Planetary Healing Call to Action Tele/Webcast Thursday, December 1st at 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern. Click here to reg­is­ter for this free event.

Here’s info from their site:

It took twenty-five years of vision­ing to cre­ate the Planetary Healing prac­tices in this book. As this body of work took shape, we prac­ticed on the issues of our times, such as wars, nat­ural dis­as­ters and envi­ron­men­tal degradation.

Over the years we held web/phone con­fer­ence events through which we gal­va­nized the strength of our num­bers to focus on such issues as the gulf oil spill of 2010, work­ing with the ocean and the wildlife that were affected; Hurricane Rita; the Haiti and Chilean earth­quake dis­as­ters; and most recently Hurricane Irene. We also held bi-monthly Phone Bridges (phone/web tele­con­fer­ences) for heal­ing can­cer for more than six years. The feed­back from these vir­tual gath­er­ings was con­sis­tent with our real­iza­tion that when we focus together and exer­cise the power of our group mind, we can make a difference.

Planetary Healing’s infor­ma­tive and nur­tur­ing insights offer read­ers an oppor­tu­nity to actively man­i­fest new pos­i­tive and empow­er­ing futures that ben­e­fit human­ity, Mother Earth and all of life.” – Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

The first Introduction to Planetary Healing Web / Teleconference took place Tuesday, 4 October. Listen to a record­ing of the event here.

On this site we will fea­ture spe­cific processes and jour­neys from the book designed to tackle emer­gen­cies as they arise on the planet in the myr­iad forms that are occur­ring in these intense times. We plan to cre­ate event oppor­tu­ni­ties through phone, web, and skype con­fer­enc­ing to work together to mit­i­gate chal­lenges as they arise. The goal is for us to har­ness the expo­nen­tial power of our num­bers. We will offer forums and pos­si­bly a blog to dis­cuss our progress and sup­port one another in our work. We com­mit to remain­ing acces­si­ble to answer ques­tions that come up around this work. We hope this forum will stim­u­late dis­cus­sion to improve, expand, and cre­ate new spirit med­i­cine for global transformation.