The Real Purpose of Religion

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Do you find yourself wishing for higher meaning in life, but you just can’t stomach the blind fundamentalism, the empty orthodoxy, or all the nastiness and bigotry that religion seems to foster? I invite you to read The Purpose of Religion: Enlightenment, Meaning and Love in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Symbology (now available on Amazon or in bookstores). You will see that the usual self-righteous insistence on conflicting moral precepts, and the irrational requirement for unquestioning belief in unscientific dogma, are all distortions of what was really intended by our Traditions. You will see that the stories were never meant to be read as literal history. Rather, they are symbolic allegories filled with useful psychological and spiritual meaning. And you will discover the stunning underlying unity within Judaism, Christianity and Islam that does away with any need for religious hatred, violence or war.