Relativism, America’s New Moral Standard

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Relativism is the contemporary belief (it has practically become a moral imperative) that there is no such thing as absolute right, truth, or good, but only the differing opinions of different people in different places and times. Decency demands that we must be “open” to them all, and they must all be equally respected.
The paradox, of course, is that if we must be tolerant of any belief system, then we must necessarily be tolerant of an intolerant belief system. This leads to the nightmare of being unable to defend ourselves morally against any sort of evil or tyranny, which is why relativism is essentially incoherent and, in the end, morally bankrupt.
However, there is another form of ‘openness’ that encourages us to use reason to seek the truth, free of the constraints imposed by previously assumed (or enforced) beliefs. This kind of freedom and openness was demanded by the American Founders – the freedom of an unencumbered mind. This is quite a different matter than the kind of ‘openness’ that has become the philosophical basis of today’s popular culture, which really just functions as an excuse for denying reason’s power altogether and thoughtlessly accepting anything and everything that happens to momentarily sway us.