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by Timothy Wyllie (Today’s PRIZE GIVEAWAY is a copy of The Return of the Rebel Angels. Simply leave a COMMENT to enter. See details below)


Andrew Cort’s Mini-Review:

Two hundred millennia ago, Timothy Wyllie wrote in an earlier book, thirty-seven planets, including Earth, were quarantined from the rest of the Multiverse to quell the spread of Lucifer’s rebellion. Now the fallen angels have been forgiven and Earth’s relationship with the Multiverse is being restored, precipitating a great transformation of consciousness as we reconnect with angelic guides, extraterrestrial beings, and our spiritual heritage as sacred vessels for God’s presence.
Across this vast multi-dimensional multi-temporal landscape, Wyllie leads us on a joyous journey toward a glorious transcendent future. Armageddon has been canceled – it’s been replaced with gentleness, positivity, and wonder.
Wyllie’s eloquent writing is story-telling at its best. But more importantly, he opens our minds, dissolves the shadows, brings the subtle realms to life, and makes his benevolent and optimistic conclusions seem far more than plausible.
Here is his Preface.
Whispers of the Soul

Coming of age in the 1960s and growing up in London, it was all too conceivable to anyone with any imagination that an atomic holocaust seemed inevitable. By the late seventies, the global situation, if anything, was even more threatening. Yet, contrary to our ’60s doomsday outlook, we hadn’t destroyed ourselves thus far. Perhaps there was some hope after all. Was the planet transforming in front of our noses in ways we didn’t understand? Were our heads so firmly stuck in the sand of our busy lives that we were missing what was really going on? Given the superpower belligerence, the devastating effect of atomic and hydrogen weapons, and Murphy’s Law, our continuing survival seemed so counterintuitive to me that it led me on a thirty-year exploration of why this might be so.

Thus it was that, in 1978, I started keeping notes for books I intended to write about my quest. I now have over seventy large black books filled with notes, essays, drawings, and photos, charting both significant personal changes and general changes on the planet since that time. This book, The Return of the Rebel Angels, is, like the first two in this series, highly personal. For this reason I have also included a number of my graphics—images that emerged as I sought to assimilate the spiritual impact of some of the adventures related herein.


During the course of my exploration, it was becoming sadly obvious that straight scientists in general had no real solutions for what was happening on the planet, so I felt more encouraged to follow the subtle whispers of my soul. I have become gradually aware over this three-decade journey that the frequency-domain we think of as consensus reality can be more constructively understood as a kindergarten. It’s a domain in which we have the opportunity to explore the extremes of human behavior and belief systems, and to experience their consequences, positive or negative. It’s not a “world that needs to be saved,” it’s a playpen created for individual souls to wake up within. It’s a chance to choose love over fear, truth over lies, courage over timidity, forgiveness over resentment, mercy over cruelty; individual by individual, moment by moment.
What we are witnessing now are the consequences of many tens of thousands of years of individual human choices, all converging at the same time, in what appears to be an irrevocable descent into a spiral of human race at this point—many of them originally caused by the misuse of technology or its unintended consequences—that, in looking at the global situation from a purely human viewpoint, it can only get progressively worse.

However, this would be missing half the story. When our eyes are opened to the reality of a vast and populated Multiverse, inhabited by extraterrestrial entities not so dissimilar to us, and organized from the subtle planes by countless celestial beings, the picture becomes very different indeed. We’re no longer a cosmic accident, alone and shivering in the cosmic night and utterly dependent on our own devices to work our way out of a global situation that was rigged from the start. In the course of my travels and encounters I’ve also come to understand there are many of us who have chosen to incarnate at this crucial time in human history and also that we’ve been tirelessly trained for the tasks ahead.

Since I am writing from within a Judeo-Christian culture and using the symbols and cosmology of this tradition, I’m inclined to think of the coming transformation as focusing around the return of Christ Michael. I use The Urantia Book’s term “Christ Michael” in my work since it accords the being we know as Jesus Christ, or Joshua ben Joseph, his formal Multiverse title. So, if I place more emphasis on the return of Christ Michael to the planet of his incarnation it’s because he’s known to have promised it, and because that is the spiritual form in which he’ll most likely be recognized in the West. 
In another culture the event might be perceived in terms of the return of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent; or the appearance of the thirteenth Imam; or the Zoroastrian Saoshyant; or the final moments of the Kali Yuga. Many ancient indigenous cultures also point to this time as being the end of an era, holding prophecies that their most revered Elders will return.

Whether Maitreya or Messiah, and whenever this event does occur, of one thing I’m certain: every human being present on the planet—to the extent that they are able to integrate the truly mysterious into their lives—will have the chance to fully know and to fully understand what is happening.

When I was writing the first book in this series, about a quarter of the way through, I was given the choice by an angel who was helping me: either take dictation and channel the material directly from the angels, or work with the angels collaboratively to structure the narrative. Enjoying the challenge, I chose the latter and found I took easily to working cooperatively, allowing angelic wisdom to come through whenever required. With the second book this relationship deepened and I could feel a palpably warm shiver in my auric field whenever Zophiel—one of the angels assigned to work with me who was standing and looking over my shoulder while I worked— approved of something I had written.

The Return of the Rebel Angels, the third book in the series, focuses on some of the people I’ve encountered and the events in which I’ve participated over the last thirty years. All of these people, in different ways, have had their dealings with higher intelligence. Some are working with dolphins, others have had profound and complex extraterrestrial encounters, and yet others have pointed to long-term relationships with specific groups of non-human beings.

Among these beings are the midwayers, whom I later came to call the Beings of the Violet Flame (BVF), to make a clear differentiation between their previous activities and their current manifestation. It’s this group of beings—midwayers because the spectrum of frequencies within which they exist lies between human and angel—who are closest to humans in vibrational frequency. All of them are working in the background to facilitate posted to a planet for an extremely long time—some have served on this world continuously for half-a-million years—they could be considered to be the true planetary citizens.

And yet despite my understanding of The Urantia Book and my personal beliefs around it, I’m personally still no wiser as to what to expect on the Winter Solstice of 2012. At this point, I trust my angels enough to understand that if I was Supposed to know, I would have been told. What I have been permitted in glimpses over the years, however, has been reassuring and leads me to believe we are all in for the most wonderful surprise, however it manifests.

I don’t believe this event is going to be the end of the world, although it will surely be the end of the world as we’ve known it. There’ll be earthquakes and floods, wildfires and volcanic eruptions, as Earth seeks to balance herself, yet my intuition constantly reassures me the real transition will be “so gentle you’ll barely notice it,” as I’ve been told by an angel. Part of this “knowing” has led me to the intuitive conviction that humanity is not going to be able to survive without a lot of help from our “friends.”

To know that it is love that permeates the Multiverse; to realize how profoundly each of us is cared for; to understand the purpose of life’s adventure; to know the indwelling God; to be aware of the significance of this seemingly insignificant little world; all this suggests that however and whenever this massive change in consciousness occurs, it is going to be of the most profound nature.

And I believe it will be remembered in the annals of the galactic universities as the time of the great transformation of planet Earth.



Timothy Wyllie is a writer, artist, and musician who began specializing in the study of nonhuman intelligences, such as angels and dolphins, after a near-death experience in 1973. The author of Ask Your Angels; Dolphins, ETs & Angels; Adventures Among Spiritual Intelligences; Love, Sex, Fear, Death; and The Helianx Proposition, he lives in Mountainair, New Mexico.

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